Sao Paulo 1


Cities are the best and worst of everything, a shared experience for those that live there.  Many people living close together are better at testing and exchanging  ideas.  The building of cities is one of man’s greatest achievements.

Citygraphs has produced mobile tools for the people that build and maintain the elements of cities.  Tools that measure property, express concepts through sketches and document the elements of spaces.  It has recently produced a mobile tool that can document the result of what motivates people of cities to assemble – crowds.

Open spaces in our earliest cities were set aside for the spirits that were important to people.  In today’s cities these open spaces are sometimes the location of enormous demonstrations of what people feel passionate about. These demonstrations should not be discounted or exaggerated by the news media or promoters.  We, the people, now have a tool that lets us measure for ourselves an important part of a city’s life, how many people have chosen to stand up for a cause.  We can do this with the iPhone app, CrowdSize.