Why CrowdSize?

The CrowdSize app is a mobile tool that will impact the way causes, candidates and public events are perceived.  People vote with their feet at large outdoor events and the reporting of their attendance by the media, promoters or governments is sometimes biased or poorly researched.  With this application, now anyone can decide for themselves how much support for an event there really is based on photographs or what they see by being there.  And they can prove to others how they came to their conclusion.  By placing the power to estimate the size of large crowds with mobile devices in the hands of more individuals, we will come closer to the truth regarding degrees of popular support for the important issues that motivate us to stand up and be counted.

For example, on February 26, 2016 a presidential candidate held a campaign rally in downtown Dallas, Texas.  The newspaper reported the next day that “a crowd of more than 1,500” attended the event.  I was at the event, walked around it and saw for myself a large crowd very densely populated.  Based on what I saw and a quick calculation with CrowdSize, the size of the turnout for this candidate was twice what was reported.  Individuals now have a tool that gives them the power to challenge this kind of reporting.



CrowdSize KWP 2

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