Trump Rally 09/27/16

On Tuesday, September 27th, Donald Trump held a post debate rally in a hanger at the Melbourne Florida International Airport.  News reports said the fire marshal had to turn numbers of people away because the facility was filled to capacity.  Twitter videos showed a long line of people outside the hanger waiting to get in.  The photograph below shows something of the crowd in the hanger.


How many people could fit into this hanger if they were standing shoulder to shoulder?  When we look at an aerial photograph of the Melbourne Airport we can see one large hanger with a number of vehicle bay doors on one side which coincides with what we see in the video of the line of people. We usually know the attendance at events held inside buildings by knowing the number of tickets that are sold to get in.  But when the size of a crowd can not be determined by ticket sales, or ticket sales information is not reported, the CrowdSize app can produce an estimate by using an aerial image of the building, touching it’s perimeter and applying a density factor.  For a simple structure like this hanger, all we need to do is touch the perimeter of the building to create an outline for the crowd inside.  If the hanger were filled to capacity, CrowdSize estimates about 20,000 people attending this event.



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