No.18 at The Masters

The Masters golf tournament is next week.  And it just so happens I will be there on Monday for the first of the practice rounds.  Every committed golfer has or would like to see the Augusta National Golf Course once in his or her life.  It seems the place has taken on a “Heaven on Earth” mystique.
There’s lots of history associated with the last green at The Masters.  Fame and fortune has been won and lost there by some of the biggest names in golf.  In looking at historical photographs of No.18, we see a huge crowd surrounding the green to watch the drama.  But how large is this crowd?  Below is a Crowdsize study of the location.  We can see that around the green the crowd must be 20 people deep and that it tapers to just a few people at the leader board and down the fairway on the other side.  The Crowdsize app let’s us draw irregular areas like this.  I’ll be watching the excitement on the last day as the last group approaches the last hole to the applause of this crowd.
Masters 18th
Augusta Natl Calc

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