Event Planning with CrowdSize

The CrowdSize app will not only provide crowd estimates for the outdoor events we see in the news but will also aid in the planning for events.  The app has an area calculation feature that, with your own crowd density factor, will help you determine how many people can occupy various types of seating arrangements.  With the proper density factor you can estimate how many people can sit in an arrangement of chairs side by side for a speaker or for an outdoor seated dinner with tables and chairs.  For the capacity of various layouts take a look at the very useful square footage / tables & chairs calculator on the Banquet Tables Pro website.

What if you had a client that wanted to know how many people could attend a marriage ceremony and a reception dinner at The Hearst Castle outside San Simeon, California?  The front of the building and aerial image of the complex is below.


Screen Shot 2016-08-22 at 2.49.02 PM


Screen Shot 2016-08-19 at 11.20.47 AM


The following screen captures from CrowdSize show how we could produce our estimates.  The first set of images focus on the front of the main building and show an outline for a seating area with chairs side by side for the ceremony. We can accommodate approximately 506 people (3,040sf / 6 sf per person).  The second set of screen captures show how many people could be seated at a dinner in the courtyard behind the main building.  We could accommodate approximately 870 people at six foot diameter tables that accommodate eight people each (10,450 sf / 12 sf per person).

Hearst Castle Study 1a

Hearst Castle Study 2

CrowdSize is a very useful planning tool for outdoor events.  It can provide estimates for seating arrangements or for the number of people that could stand or sit in front of an outdoor stage or movie screen.   With the area calculation feature of CrowdSize, you can apply your own density factors to establish estimates for any type of event – at a venue anywhere in the world.

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