Protests in Brazil

There was a report on the website on March 13, 2016 concerning demonstrations against the Brazilian government’s president (  The report mentioned large demonstrations in Sao Paulo, Brazilia and Rio de Janeiro.  It also stated that the number of people at the largest demonstration in Sao Paulo was according to a “polling agency estimated […]

Why CrowdSize?

The CrowdSize app is a mobile tool that will impact the way causes, candidates and public events are perceived.  People vote with their feet at large outdoor events and the reporting of their attendance by the media, promoters or governments is sometimes biased or poorly researched.  With this application, now anyone can decide for themselves […]

Back in Business

After a very long time, we now have a team in place that can get the Citygraphs iPhone applications back up and running.  Since they were released between 2009 and 2012 a lot changed with Apple’s operating systems and hardware.  But we now have the expertise that understands all of this and can get everything […]