There was a good bit of controversy over who’s inauguration crowd was bigger, Trump’s or Obama’s.  We can decide this question for ourselves with the CrowdSize application and photographs of the events. But, before we do our study we need to sift through another controversy surrounding photographs of the Trump crowd on the day of […]

Clinton Rally 10/10/16

The Hillary Clinton campaign held a rally at Ohio State University on October 10, 2016.  It was a post debate event and the day before voter registration ended in Ohio.  News coverage stated it was a massive rally that drew 18,500 people.  This figure was supplied by the U.S. Secret Service.  There were videos and […]

Trump Rally 09/27/16

On Tuesday, September 27th, Donald Trump held a post debate rally in a hanger at the Melbourne Florida International Airport.  News reports said the fire marshal had to turn numbers of people away because the facility was filled to capacity.  Twitter videos showed a long line of people outside the hanger waiting to get in. […]