With many years working in the construction business as an architect, it seemed like a good idea one day to step back from the day to day struggle of trying to produce projects and bottle my years of experience in iPhone applications.  For those who produce and maintain buildings the technological changes in the industry were coming very quickly and the use of mobile devices in construction seemed like the next step.


How this next step in building technology might work is explained in my book, Drawings in the Palm of Your Hand.


Since then, however, another idea related to the development of cities has become the center of my attention – the importance of properly reporting the outpouring of emotion we see in the actions of demonstrators in our cities.  With my experience in  measuring large areas that could be building sites, it was a straight forward task to apply this knowledge to the challenge of estimating the size of crowds.  Hence, the development of the iPhone application CrowdSize.


A second important function for CrowdSize has become apparent since its development. The app can also provide crowd estimates for areas prior to the event. How many people will a venue hold is an important question this application can answer for event planners.


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