No.18 at The Masters

The Masters golf tournament is next week.  And it just so happens I will be there on Monday for the first of the practice rounds.  Every committed golfer has or would like to see the Augusta National Golf Course once in his or her life.  It seems the place has taken on a “Heaven on […]

The Events in Brussels

There was a public response to the bombings in Brussels yesterday.  A large mass of people gathered in Place de la Bourse to express their grief and, I hope, their resistance to Islamic extremists.  Extremists that seek to destroy the society that has given them freedoms that they never could find in their home countries. […]

Why CrowdSize?

The CrowdSize app is a mobile tool that will impact the way causes, candidates and public events are perceived.  People vote with their feet at large outdoor events and the reporting of their attendance by the media, promoters or governments is sometimes biased or poorly researched.  With this application, now anyone can decide for themselves […]