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Citygraphs produces new products and services for new markets.
We provide mobile tools that help individuals create valuable information and save time and money.


The CrowdSize app will impact the way candidates, causes and public events are perceived. People vote with their feet at large outdoor events and we now have a better way to report their attendance.

CA Applications

Construction Administration for projects requires people and tools that use today’s mobile technology. Measuring, sketching, noteing, and punch lists are now done in the palm of your hand.

Mobile CA Consulting

Making the transition to mobile CA requires a combination of new age enthusiasm and good old fashion experience. Reaching a consensus can build teamwork and pay dividends.

Our Work

With many years in the construction business, it seemed like a good idea to bottle that experience in applications for those who produce and maintain projects. Since then, we can now see a clear need for a tool that does a better job of reporting people’s participation in large outdoor events.

In Development

The CrowdSize+ application will let users refine their crowd size calculations. Crowds vary in density from the center of attention to the edges and with options for density factors and ability to outline the separate areas, CrowdSize+ will produce more accurate estimates.

Density Factor Options

Three Area Outlines

Area Outline Editing

Area Total Editing

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